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Australian private capital investments

Nash Capital is an investment company based in Melbourne with a highly flexible investment mandate. We raise capital on a deal-by-deal basis, currently managing over $100m of investments.

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The Nash Capital Mandate

We partner with you and invest in your business, up to a 100% stake in some circumstances. Using a combination of our own capital and our investor pool, we achieve a beneficial outcome for all parties.

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Invest with Nash Capital

High net worth individuals have the opportunity to invest in private companies on a passive basis, with the added confidence of Nash Capital taking an active role in the company and on the Board.

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Private capital, not private equity

We are patient, long-term investors with no fixed investment horizon. We have real world, hands-on business experience.

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We are not seeking perfect companies

Our goal is to work directly alongside founders and management to provide strategic, financial and operational support to help drive growth and long-term success.

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Ready to invest $5m - $30m per transaction

The investment market is segmented, with few sources of capital able to be deployed in this range. The majority of established private equity funds in Australia seek $30m+ deals.

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High conviction and nimble

We do not have layers of management or unnecessary bureaucratic structures. If we like a company, we can mobilise our team to diligence the business, submit an offer, and complete a transaction in 60 to 90 days.

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True partnership approach

Some talk about partnership, we actually do it. Our team is hands-on, and we get involved with multiple aspects of the business.

Who we work with

Business owners

We work with business owner who are looking to sell part or all of their business. Our team will partner with you to achieve a smooth transition of ownership.



We work with intermediaries such as business brokers and corporate advisors who selling part or all of a business on behalf of the owner. Our team will work to achieve a beneficial result for all parties.


See our investments

See some of our investments and discover for yourself what we can achieve.

The Nash Capital team

Our team has direct, real-world business expertise. We bring unparalleled knowledge and strategic advice along with our investment.

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Lucas Couper

Managing Director
0401 395 094
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Sean O'Neill

Managing Director
0435 944 315
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Jonathan Hoe

Associate Director
0418 661 633

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