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Nash Capital is a growth investor looking to partner with owners and management of medium sized businesses across Australia and New Zealand to drive long-term value for shareholders.

We seek to quickly understand a business and investment via meetings with management and shareholders. We aim to agree on a term sheet in a matter of weeks, investing significant time and effort to ensure all parties are aligned from the outset. Upon exclusivity, we target completion within 8 weeks. During this time, we seek to agree on a 3-year business plan and a 100-day post-transaction plan prior to completing the investment. We remain committed to the execution of these plans and continue to work with the owners and management team throughout our investment period.

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Key metrics

  • Businesses with an enterprise value of $10 to $75 million
  • A track record of profitability and a minimum EBITDA of $2 million
  • Investment range of 25-90% of equity
  • Full or partial liquidity events for the founder

Investment Timeline

These are the key steps Nash Capital takes when investing in a business. From the signing of a term sheet, we intend to complete transactions within 10-12 weeks

10 - 12 weeks
First 100 days
Information Collection and Gathering

We will hold a half day information gathering workshop to learn about the key areas of the business, ensure common understanding of the sale process, and consider value-enhancing strategies for the company

Due Diligence
  • Financial DD: Undertake financial analysis of the business to verify all the accounts
  • Commercial DD: Work with owners and management team to review key commercial areas of the business. Create and agree a 3 year business strategy. Formulate 100-day plan.
  • Legal DD: Negotiate key commercial documents such as Shareholders Agreement and Sale & Purchase Agreement
Hands on Involvement – Example
  • Assist with 100-day plan implementation: Work with the senior team to roll out the agreed plan
  • Assist with recruitment: Commence hiring and recruitment process to build up the bench strength within the team
  • Assist with expansion: Research, develop and create a market map for all the locations to expand to over the coming years

Industry sectors we're interested in

recycling symbol

Bulk liquids, landfills, recycling, organic waste and resource recovery

Businesses in the waste and industrial sector have a great deal of opportunities to grow and expand. Significant demand in this sector allows us to drive successful investments.

IT cloud services symbol
IT services

Managed service providers, cloud migration, mission critical solutions, and IT transformation

The IT services sector is extremely fast-moving. We use our digital marketing and technology knowledge to ensure our investments in this sector achieve long-term growth.

graduation gown and cap symbol

School products, education technology, content providers, and service providers to schools K-12

As the Australian economy continues to grow and innovate, there will always be a strong demand for high-quality education companies both from students and business investors.

infrastructure symbol

Essential building and construction providers across the infrastructure services supply chain

The infrastructure sector is an ever-changing landscape. We use our knowledge of these shifting trends and projects to ensure our investments are successful, driving value for shareholders.

healthcare symbol

NDIS, Aged Care, Medical consumables & equipment, in-home care and essential healthcare

The healthcare industry provides essential services for Australians every day. This is an industry which is constantly growing and innovating, so there are plenty of opportunities to achieve successful investment growth.

technology symbol

Software businesses servicing deep verticals, unique technological solutions

In a modern economy, technological solutions provide a critical market advantage. Businesses which provide a unique technological solution to a clear and defined addressable market are particularly desirable.

Our investments

Total Drain Group
50% investment

The market leader in stormwater maintenance and recycling in NSW and Victoria

Since Nash’s investment in late 2017, the business has entered into a new market in Victoria through a strategic acquisition, established a second recycling facility and the majority of the 3 year goals were achieved in 12 months. The business is corporatised and best practice systems and processes implemented, setting up the business for long term sustainable growth.

iVet Group
100% investment (75% initial, 25% following)

One of Australia’s leading VET coursework providers to secondary schools

Since Nash’s investment, iVet has established itself as the leading VET in schools provider in Victoria and has expanded into QLD and WA, working with over 400 schools and 25,000 students. iVet has built out a full management and national sales team to establish itself as a leading national education provider.

20% investment

A global leader in hybrid and virtual event conferencing software and services

Headquartered in Melbourne, Joyn (formerly Delegate Connect) has recently launched in the UK and USA, with employee numbers in the last six months growing from 16 to 80. Since Nash’s initial investment, the business has more than doubled its revenue. Given the phenomenal growth and to support further expansion, Joyn completed a capital raising led by AirTree Ventures and Skip Capital in September 2021.

Evolution Precast Systems
50% investment

Sydney market leader for bespoke precast concrete panels

Since Nash’s investment, the company has quickly scaled up the management team and is well-positioned to consider bolt on acquisitions to accelerate organic expansion plans.

Hatch Brands
60% investment

Online brand aggregation

Hatch Brands is an aggregator of online branded consumer businesses. With a proven growth track record, Hatch Brands is currently acquiring businesses to extend the portfolio.

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